Exposing Hate and Toxicity in Animal Rights

If you have more to add, comment or suggest others to be added, please use the contact form to get in touch. We will be sure to stay completely anonymous (as we are) and understand fully the implications of being outed.

This website is an attempt to make people aware of hate and toxicity in the animal rights movement, so that we can grow and save more animals. What people do with the information is up to them. Everything below has been provided to us by caring people who want to save animals.

Alex Hershaft, Racism?

The following have been shared to a Facebook group.

July 24, 2020:

Alex Hershaft, Hall Of Fame?

On July 21st, Alex and Farm Animal Rights Movement posted their “Animal Rights Hall of Fame.” This is something that has been part of their annual conferences (Animal Rights National Conference) but perhaps Alex was upset about recent additions and people he felt were missing? I will not link to it, but instead provide comments that are probably deleted now. Remember, Alex (or his staff) censor his facebook page, his blog and removes posts from FB groups when they get negative feedback.

These were sent to us, they were in a group (Animal Rights Zone) which is now removed.

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